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About Us

The faces behind Arizona yorkies

We’re the Milletts!

We have a love of dogs, especially little Yorkies. We have had Pretzel (our female) for about 6 years, and Diesel (our male dog) for only a year or so. Our entire family loves each dog so much, and have loved getting to know their unique personalities and characteristics they bring to the family.

Arizona Yorkies Pretzel and Shelice

A Message From Shelice:

My “why”

My husband gave me Pretzel for my 40th birthday. An animal lover to the core, I begged for a dog for years. His timing could not have been better.

I have had a couple of times in my life when I was paralyzed with crippling depression. One of these times was shortly after I turned 40.

Pretzel never left my side. She brought me companionship, comfort, and peace in a very difficult time.

Last year we added Diesel to our family. He brings the same companionship and love.

Dogs are amazingly intuitive. Diesel and Pretzel know my kids are ill before I do. The first sign is that neither dog will leave my child’s bed to give me my usual morning greeting.

We want to share our joy and love with others. We hope that our Yorkie puppies bring that same joy and peace and love to their new family.

I must add here that I am a woman of faith. During my hardest time, Pretzel never left my side – and neither did God.

Meet the Yorkies

This is Pretzel, our very first Yorkie! We have had Pretzel for over 6 years and love the way she has brought the family closer together. Pretzel is very loyal, protective, loves to cuddle, and loves to be near the family.

Meet Diesel, our second Yorkie! We have had Diesel for only a couple of years, but he has made our family so much happier. Diesel is playful, super sweet, and kind of quirky – but that’s why we love him.

When we got Charlotte, we didn’t plan on keeping her for very long, but she bonded to us quickly, and we couldn’t bear to let her go! Charlotte loves to cuddle, give kisses, and loves to be near people.

Liberty (Libby) 2022 – 2023
On the 4th of July, we met Liberty, or Libby for short. Unfortunately, she passed away from cancer only a year after we met her. Libby was playful, she loved to cuddle, and we miss her dearly.